Renault Zoe charge flap

The charger cover on the Renault Zoe and Kangoo (from late 2013) is prone to breaking. The plastic hinge breaks, normally at the top. Regular lubrication will help to prevent it or probably just delay the inevitable. All Zoe owners should be lubricating this regularly, ideally with white spray grease, but anything is better than nothing.

If it does break, your Renault dealer may replace it under warranty, but many aren't due to it being costly job as the whole charger assembly needs replacing. An alternative solution is to use a BMW i3 charger cover, which is just as neat and offers better water resistance than the original.

The videos below explains the problem and the simple fix.

Broken plastic hinge

New charger cover in place

New BMW i3 charger cover, part no. 61139343122

New charger cover hanging on rubber cord