How to guides

Over time I will keep adding useful hints, tips and how to guides here to help EV owners.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Peugeot iOn / Citroen C-Zero

Explains how to fix a problem of a Chademo DC rapid charge flap not opening.

Sourcing a replacement 12v auxiliary battery for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV can be tricky. This page explains it all so you don't buy the wrong battery.

Peugeot Partner / Citroen Berlingo

A rattle in the door is a common problem on the Partner or Berlingo vans.

Renault Zoe

The armrest is an accessory available from Renault. This guide shows you how to fit the centre armrest in the Zoe.

Guide how to help to stop the charge flap from breaking and what to do if it does.

This guide shows you how to fit the genuine Renault mudflaps to the Zoe.

This guide shows you how to reset the Zoe range meter, so it starts 'learning' again.

Guide on how to add new scent to the diffuser as Renault have stopped making the replacement capsules.

A video guide on how to remove the rear seat in a Renault Zoe to give you more loading space and why you shouldn't remove the seat base.

A video to show what to look out for when looking at used Renault Zoe's. The headlight mounting brackets can break when there's been an impact on the front bumper.

This is a guide on how you download and install the latest software into the Zoe's R-Link system, using the SD card.

This guide explains how to get the "Renault Connected Services" phone app working with your car.

Many problems with the R-Link system in the Zoe can be fixed yourself within seconds. This guide explains all.

Explains how to replace the 12v auxiliary battery in a Renault Zoe.

A common problem with the Zoe is the heater not working and blowing cold air only.

User manual and operating instructions for the DAB radio add-on by AutoDAB, fitted in some 2013-2015 Renault Zoe's